Ep. 28 | Marketing Roundtable: Talking About Adaptive Journeys

Michelle Huff, Linda West, and Paige Musto Podcast thumbnail

This week on the Rethink Podcast, we’re adding a new monthly feature we’re calling the Marketing Roundtable to discuss a B2B marketing campaign that is catching our eye.

We’ll pull together seasoned experts from our marketing team and the world to deep dive into an interesting B2B campaign, interview the folks behind the campaign, and find out what we and others can learn from their experience on the project.

Because its our show, and as a template for future conversations, our first roundtable discussion will be on Act-On’s recent Adaptive Journeys™ campaign.

For Act-On, Adaptive Journeys™ is more than a campaign, it is vision to continue building a best-in-class technology platform – aided by machine learning – that enables marketers to connect with their customers in a more personalized way.

In our inaugural roundtable, we were joined by a few of the key people behind the Adaptive Journeys™ campaign launch: Michelle Huff, Act-On’s Chief Marketing Officer; Paige Musto, Act-On’s Senior Director for Corporate Marketing and Linda West, Act-On’s Senior Director for Marketing Services and Operations.

But as you listen, you’ll hear how this campaign touched all the marketing teams – brand, demand, and customer success – as well as many other departments in the company.

Please share with us a B2B marketing campaign that you think is rockin’ it, email us at podcast@act-on.com.


  1. Can you tell us what is Adaptive Journeys? [1:30]
  2. Is this just a campaign or something bigger? [2:45]
  3. What have been some of the early results? [4:00]
  4. How do we set measurable goals for a campaign? [6:18]
  5. What are some of the questions a CMO has when considering any campaign? [9:44]
  6. How did the Adaptive Journeys messaging originate? [11:05]
  7. What are you listening for from focus groups or media pitches? [13:55]
  8. What do you consider in picking a launch date? [15:45]
  9. What is involved in launching a campaign? [17:55]
  10. Round Robin, what were lessons learned? [23:25]

Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.