Who really has time to manage all their social media channels? Are you making any money from your social media efforts? How do you know if you are engaging with your targeted audience and not some wingnut hater? These are all the questions you can get answered with a social media strategy.

In this week’s episode, we get that two-minute crash course on social media strategy with Lauren Teague, strategist with Convince & Convert. Lauren was the first social media manager for the PGA Tour. When she left, to return to her native Oregon, she was replaced with three people. Now she is a strategist with Convince & Convert, helping companies and organization across the United States refocus their social media strategies and action plans. 

In our conversation, Lauren (@LaurenTeeoutlines her 3 Cs of a social media strategy- clarity, content, and connections. We also talk about what companies are doing right and wrong with social, current trends, and how to get help with social and how to be a good client.
Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.

Quote from Lauren Teague for the Rethink Marketing podcast where she talks about social media strategy and cadence for posting

3 C’s for Your Social Media Strategy

Developing a social media strategy doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, says Teague. It boils down to what she calls her 3 C’s: Clarity, Content and Connections.


Are you clear on your brand voice? Are you clear on your goals using social media? Are you clear on who is your audience, and where they are on social media?


Understanding the above will help dictate what content you need to create or leverage for social media. You should also understand what content you like to create. Is it photos, videos, podcasts, text or curation? And what content does your targeted audience engage with on social?


Once you tackle the above two points, you can begin to develop connections with your audience. You do this through consistency and being a committed voice in your targeted social channels. For example, delivering a weekly podcast means publishing each week. You also want to make sure you’re listening on those channels and responding, accordingly, to your audience. Are they asking for help? Are they complaining about you? Be engaged yourself, and you can expect your audience to engage with you as you establish an audience and become a trusted influencer.

Episode Shownotes

  1. Can you tell me more about yourself, the work you do, and Convince and Convert?
  2. What are businesses getting right with social media?
  3. What are businesses getting wrong with social media?
  4. What opportunities are out there for companies?
  5. Can we have distinct campaigns in social media that drive ROI? Can you explain?
  6. Any advice on how companies can get better at finding the right platform for them and their audiences?
  7. Does organic social work? Or do you need to pay to get results?
  8. What is a social media audit?
  9. How do you tie social marketing back to the bottomline? Any best advice for marketers out there?
  10. How do I learn more about you and Convince and Convert?