RR. 9 | Rewind Interview with Jill Rowley and the Sales and Marketing Alignment

Picture of Jill Rowley for Rethink Podcast, where she talks about sales and marketing alignment

In this Rethink Rewind podcast extra, we return to our conversation with Jill Rowley, who shares her insights how the evolving buyer’s journey is changing the sales and marketing alignment.  

Act-On’s CMO Michelle Huff interviewed Jill earlier this year. Their conversation covered a range of topics from what it means to be an advocate marketer, social selling, and the eternal quest for marketing & sales alignment.

Today, we are rewinding to their conversation on how the buyer’s journey has changed, and how marketing and sales have had to change, too.

Technology’s Role in the Buyer’s Journey

“The buyer has changed more in the past 10 years than the past 100. And more in the past five years than the past 50,” said Rowley.

As the buyer has evolved, marketing’s had to evolve faster. Now sales team are recognizing they need to change, too.

“Sales is starting to get their ‘aha’ or ‘oh shit’ moment that the old way of doing things  the ‘more’ strategy: hire more salespeople, to make more calls, and send more emailsis not getting the job done,” Rowley said.

Authentic Conversations

As a result, she said companies need to have a more authentic conversation with their buyers, making sure they are delivering value with each engagement.

“I used to say people buy from people they know, they like, and they trust,” she said. “It’s not enough anymore. There has to be a value exchange.”

And the sales rep has to lead with value, not lead to value.

And much of that value is coming more and more from the marketing side of the house, through datasheets, webinars, ebooks, videos and more. And, as a result, that is changing the alignment between sales and marketing.

“I almost don’t think of it as a handoff anymore,” Rowley said. “Although we want things to be neat and clean and in their nice little bucket, I just don’t think that that’s the way buyers buy.”

Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.

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