Interview with Matt Heinz on Sales and Marketing Alignment

In this Rethink Rewind podcast extra, we return to our conversation with Matt Heinz about how to put into practice sales and marketing alignment.

This is a perfect time to listen to this snippet, one week into the new quarter. I am pretty sure you want or need Q3 to be awesome, and this advice just may help.

In their conversation, Act-On CMO Michelle Huff and Matt talked about the importance of marketing focusing on metrics that matter. Or as Matt explains it, metrics you can buy a beer with.

Specifically, understanding the difference between business and operational metrics.

“You can’t buy a beer with an MQL,” says Matt. [one of my all-time favorite marketing quotes]

And then for marketing to ask themselves a few key questions to help sales in the late stages of the sales and buying process.

  • How does marketing impact late stages of the sales process?
  • How can marketing help the sales team be more efficient?
  • How can marketing help the sales team be more effective?
  • What are the insights, what are the processes, what are the tools, what is the content that can help get more deals across the line?

You can read the transcripts from our original interview with Matt:

You can also listen to our webinar on Sales and Marketing Alignment

Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.

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