RR. 3 | Rewind Interview with Tyler Lessard and the Power of Video Marketing

Picture of Tyler Lessard from Vidyard for Rethink Podcast discussing video marketing

In this Rethink Rewind podcast extra, we go back to our conversation last fall with Tyler Lessard, vice president of marketing at Vidyard, and learn about the power of video marketing.

This is the year for video marketing. Like it was last year, the year before, and the year before that. Predictions aside, video is a big deal for marketers. In her annual internet trends report, Mary Meeker reported the increasing importance of video and pictures in search, as well as in ecommerce. “Content is becoming the store, the ad is becoming the transaction,” said the Morgan Stanley analyst and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner, in her presentation.  

If you think this doesn’t apply to your B2B business, think again. The IDG Enterprise’s Customer Engagement research found that 95% of tech decision-makers watch technology-related videos. And they watched those videos on a number of channels, including:

  • 71% Watch on Vendor Websites
  • 65% Watch on YouTube/Video Channel
  • 64% Watch on Tech Content Websites

In our earlier interview with Tyler, we discussed why video marketing is important, how companies are finding quick wins, and growing trend to create personalized videos.

Tune in to learn more, or go back and listen to the entire Rethink Podcast #3 episode or read the transcript from that interview.