RR. 1 | The Two Types of Unicorn Content Every Marketer Needs To Know

In this Rethink Rewind podcast extra, we go back to our interview with Larry Kim and what he said about the two types of unicorn content every marketer needs to know.

Recently, Larry joined the podcast to share some of his views on content marketing. Larry is the CEO of Mobile Monkey and founder of Wordstream, one of the largest, if not the largest, PPC agencies in the world.

Larry is known for many things, two of which are unicorns and creating viral content. Listen to our original podcast interview with Larry to learn more about both.

During the interview, Larry describes unicorn content as your highest performing content, as measured by engagement with your audience. The other 99 percent of your content, he would describe as a donkey.

I asked him for his thoughts on how to create your next unicorn piece of content. His response was that there are two types of unicorns – temporal and evergreen.

Temporal Unicorn Content

Temporal unicorn content takes advantage of an event – many would describe this as newsjacking – and then building original, engaging content around it. Kim did this with the Facebook IPO and why some companies were pulling their advertising from the platform. Here is a great explainer on what they did to create that unicorn.

And once you understand the kind of temporal unicorn content that works for you, you can recreate it with similar events. Kim’s agency, Wordstream, was in the business advertising on Facebook on behalf of their clients. Once they knew this was a unicorn, they could recreate that magic and make baby unicorns during the Twitter and Snapchat IPOs.

“We just recreated the story,” Kim said.

Evergreen Unicorn Content

Similarly, evergreen unicorns are going fit well with your business, year after year. Kim’s example was a post he wrote on the most expensive keywords in Google AdWords, which is a topic a PPC company, like Wordstream, should know deeply. Even though it was created years ago, Kim’s team at Wordstream continues to promote it and reap the benefits.

“It’s a gift that keeps on giving,” Kim said.

Since the podcast, we at Act-On have been taking a closer look at our unicorns and donkeys. Of the unicorns, we’re identifying what is an evergreen piece that can be further leveraged, and what is a temporal unicorn that we can recreate.

Listen to Larry explain more about temporal and evergreen unicorns. What content do you already have – or are currently working on – that match those descriptions? Are you taking advantage of them? Let me know at podcast@act-on.com.