Ep. 59 | Planning Your Content Strategy

This is a picture of Kristina Halvorson for the Rethink Marketing Podcast where she talks about planning your content strategy

Learn How to Create Other Killer Content to Drive More Leads

In this week’s Rethink Marketing Podcast episode, we chat with Kristina Halvorson about planning your content strategy and its role across your organization.

Kristina is one of the leading experts on content strategy; author of Content Strategy for the Web; owner of Brain Traffic, a content strategy agency; and the founder of the Confab content strategy conference.

In our interview, we cover:

  • What is content strategy
  • What is not content strategy
  • Who manages content strategy within an organization
  • The four activity areas of content strategy
  • Who you should be following to learn more about content strategy
  • Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.

Content Strategy is Not

I have reviewed dozens, if not hundreds, of articles, eBooks, white papers, and blog posts about content strategy and have seen definitions for it all across the board. Halvorson said content strategy is not the same as content marketing. She said content marketing is a pretty specific marketing strategy or marketing play that organizations will make in which they are publishing content they hope has value to their end users who will then trust in the company, and do business with them.

What is Content Strategy

“Content strategy is more of a discipline that really works to connect the dots between a lot of disciplines that already exist. Marketing can be one of them,” Halvorson said. “But the content that gets created in marketing has all kinds of layers of complexity which can include the technical aspects behind the building and distribution of that content, the user experience design of how people are interacting with, and accessing, and searching that content, the governance component which is an organizational design question, how are people making decisions about that content, what are the success metrics in measuring the performance of that content. So it’s really a very complex world of decisions and relationships that content strategy sort of works to define, and untangle, and choreography, and synchronize, and all that good stuff.”

Content Strategy Links Mentioned in the Episode