Ep. 91 | The Economic Impact Calculator for Manufacturers and Why it Matters

Economic impact calculators are a great tool for understanding the whole cost of adopting a new technology, whether from savings on labor to highlighting revenues and new business growth.

In this episode of the Rethink Marketing podcast, we chat with Adam Mertz, Act-On’s vice president of marketing and strategy, about the new Economic Impact Calculator that Act-On has released for the manufacturing industry. If you’re not a manufacturer, don’t worry, we’ll be building you a calculator soon. We’re like Oprah. Everyone gets a calculator.

A few quick questions.

  • Do you want to know what the business case is for an adaptive marketing platform like Act-On?
  • Are you already convinced in the power of Act-On, but need some ammo when you go before the CEO and CFO?
  • Do you have a full picture of the indirect costs associated with your marketing efforts?

That last one can be a doozy. I am often reminded of the “free” sauna my buddy received from a relative. Well, $5,000 later the thing was installed and working. Some deal. Same with your marketing. If you have to hire a “certified” technician to operate your marketing technology stack, is that fully-baked cost added to your ROI and payback calculations?  

Marketers in the manufacturing industry can check out our Economic Impact Calculator to get a better picture of the potential economic impact of adding marketing automation. We built the calculator using Forrester’s Total Economic Impact model for marketing automation platforms. By the way, Forrester named Act-On a Leader in its Forrester Wave™.

With the calculator, you have the option of how deep a dive you want. Either way, your results will help you demonstrate to your marketing, sales, finance and other leaders how you can benefit using Act-On.

Check out the calculator today

The Economic Impact Calculator for Manufacturing


  1. Can you tell us more about the new Economic Impact Calculator for manufacturers.
  2. Why are calculators like this useful for manufacturers?
  3. What elements does the calculator cover?
  4. If I were a marketing executive at a manufacturer, how would this be used in shaping my consideration of Act-On vs. other vendors?
  5. What are the criteria buyers consider when making a purchase? How big a factor is cost in those considerations?
  6. Are buyers considering all the costs that should be factored into a purchase decision?
  7. What about other industries?  Is Act-On going to be developing similar economic impact calculators?