Ep. 82 | Understand the Difference Between Operational and Business Metrics with Matt Heinz

Learn How to Create Other Killer Content to Drive More Leads

One of my favorite quotes from the past year was from Matt Heinz, who said at the end of the day you can’t buy a beer with an MQL. In this conversation, we chat about marketing’s operational metrics versus business metrics, sales and marketing alignment, the buyer’s journey, benefits versus features, and marketing tactics.

In marketing, whether you’re working in finance or manufacturing, you can easily get caught up metrics. That could be website visitors, social media followers or retweets, or views to that funny video you have on your YouTube channel.

But as Matt likes to say, those won’t buy you a beer at the end of the day.

Instead, marketers need to identify what are their respective top line metrics that will impact the company’s overall business metrics. Typically, this boils down to how many leads you have in the pipeline, how many of those leads are converting to sales, and how quickly those leads convert to sales.

All the other metrics are important to know only as they relate and impact your top line marketing metrics.

If you’re a content marketer running the company blog, you need to figure out the important operational metrics that lead to your top line business metrics. For me, one of those is organic traffic to the website. I know that for each incremental increase in traffic, a percent of that traffic will result in a lead. Knowing that, I can then optimize blog posts, product pages and landing pages for search, as well as for conversions.

Let me know what are the importance top line metrics for your company and why. Until then, enjoy the podcast!