Ep. 63 | How to Build a Killer Team of Content Writers

This is a picture of Heather Lloyd Martin for the Rethink Marketing Podcast, where she talks about building a team of content writers

Learn How to Create Other Killer Content to Drive More Leads

In this Rethink Marketing Podcast extra, Heather Lloyd Martin shares insights on how to find, hire and train a team of killer content writers.

Heather is the CEO and president of SuccessWorks, and has been working on SEO and content marketing for nearly two decades. We spoke with her at the Digital Summit Conference in Portland last summer, where she was a speaker.

Find Your Content Writer SuperHero

Hire said the key to building a successful content team is to hire the right people; develop a sustainable process and educate them.

Qualities to look for in a content writer include experience in:

  • Building buyer personas
  • Understanding the buyers’ journey
  • Building editorial calendars
  • SEO and sales-writing experience
  • Understand strategies for repurposing content
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Analyzing the content’s performance

Understand your limits. You can find a writer at all price levels, from $25 per page to $1500 per page. But the adage, you get what you pay for holds. What is the right price to pay? Look at their experience. Do they have SEO-writing experience? For the right writer, a higher cost may be worth the investment for a page that will be attracting thousands of website visitors via organic search traffic.

Content Strategy

Ideally, you have a content strategy and the things that come before a content strategy such as a content audit, looking at analytics, and creating buyer personas.

Having a strategy in place helps prevent folks from just writing about whatever is the topic of the moment is, or having multiple voices in the brand and so forth.

“The more that you can have that content strategy in the place, everything will be easier and faster from then on,” she said.