Ep. 71 | Executing An Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Picture of Stephanie Ristow for the Rethink Marketing Podcast where she talks about executing an account-based marketing strategy

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In this week’s episode, we talk about executing an account-based marketing strategy.

Account-based marketing or ABM has been a B2B buzzword for the last couple of years, about the same time Act-On released its own ABM module. 

We recently co-sponsored a conversation on Account-Based Marketing with the AA-ISP’s Portland Chapter. Nearly 50 marketers participated in learning how to create a successful ABM program. We talked with a few of them about their thoughts on ABM.

Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.

What is Account-Based Marketing

ABM has also been called Account Based Everything or Account-Based Sales. But really that’s just a lot of marketing and sales talk.

Account-based marketing (ABM), at its simplest, is focusing on an account as opposed to a lead. This might seem like splitting hairs, but it’s actually a profound change in emphasis.

And while it’s being talked about and written about as though it’s something new, it’s been around a long time, and it’s been delivering positive results for a long time.

Conventional wisdom says ABM is an enterprise play. That’s because, historically, it was labor- and time-intensive, which made it an expensive strategy, best deployed when the potential customer is especially large and profitable.

As with just about everything else, technology has lowered those barriers to enable just about any company to implement their own ABM strategy.

We found that at the beginning of the ABM process, there’s a whole lot of attention paid to choosing which account to focus on. That’s critically important, as it drives priorities and identifies who we spend our key assets – time and attention – on. (This is generally done manually, with marketing automation providing good data to help in the decision-making process.)

The biggest stumbling block in account-based marketing has always been what happens after those accounts are identified. The communication demands – both in communicating and keeping track of the communications – are staggering.

Leveraging Act-On ABM module, marketers can:

  • Precisely target all decision makers within an account and deliver a unified experience across the organization
  • Link individual buyer behaviors and data across a single account view
  • Create account-based campaigns to improve nurturing and engagement
  • Automatically score accounts and trigger campaigns and workflows inside and outside of the inbox


5 Tips to Implement In Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy