Ep. 29 | Building A Marketing Revenue Attribution Magic Eight Ball

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In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, Act-On CMO Michelle Huff interviews Bizible CEO Aaron Bird for his insights on how to better understand marketing revenue attribution.

Bizible helps marketing teams measure what’s working so they can make better decisions about their marketing investments.

The modern marketer knows it’s critical to the business’s success (and their jobs) to monitor and evaluate marketing spend. Being able to prove and justify marketing activities — paid search, blog posts, trade shows — that result in closed/won revenue warrants making similar future investments.

But how do you get started on tracking that attribution? And how are other companies faring with measuring their own revenue drivers?  

Michelle and Aaron discuss a range of topics, such as the biggest challenges for today’s CMO, the importance of measuring all your channels, machine learning’s role in analytics, as well as the controversial topic of whether marketers should follow sales and tie their compensation to revenue.

Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.



Aaron Bird’s interview with MarTech

MarTech Today article about Bizible’s new revenue planning tool


  • What can you tell us about the landscape for reporting and attribution? [2:15]
  • What’s the biggest challenge to CMO’s today in your opinion? [6:25]
  • What’s working with other organizations (marketing activities) [10:05]
  • What’s your advice to marketers to better understand their revenue drivers? [15:10]
  • Can you explain, simply, single touch and multi touch attribution and why marketers would be using one over the other? [22:27]
  • Understanding and optimizing revenue drivers makes total sense for the business. But can you explain if and how it can help marketers explore new ideas and campaigns? [28:10]
  • What is Pipeline Marketing? [31:20]
  • So much of B2B marketing happens offline, in trade shows, direct mail and so forth. What should marketers know about including those activities in their attribution efforts. [36:00]
  • Bizible recently announced its Revenue Planner. Can you tell us more about what it is and what it does? [40:00]
  • How someone learn more about Bizable? [44:30]