Ep. 53 | How to Use Online Quizzes for Lead Generation

This is a picture of Josh Haynam for the Rethink Marketing Podcast where he discusses how to use online quizzes for lead generation

Learn How to Create Other Killer Content to Drive More Leads

In this week’s episode, Act-On CMO Michelle Huff talks with Josh Haynam from Interact, an online quiz builder about how to use online quizzes for lead generation.

In their conversation, they discuss why quizzes are a great way to capture leads, what kind of quizzes work best, how to write a quiz, how to promote your quiz and what to do after you’ve captured those leads. And, according to Haynam, you’ll get those emails. He reports an average conversion rate of 50 percent for their quizzes.  

Quizzes are a great resource for starting a conversation with a prospect, capturing that lead and continuing the conversation in follow-up emails. Sure, there are plenty of quizzes that may ask you what type of coffee drink you best identify with, but you can also tailor the quizzes to be both cute and practical to your business needs.

Home Depot rapidly grew its email list with a quiz asking “What sofa style best suits your personality.” And when someone has a good idea, it is quickly copied. If you searched for that quiz today, you would find similar themed quizzes and content from Redfin,  Design Depot, Homely.com, and so on.

These online quizzes are good for more than just capturing email addresses. Think of them as your own market research that you can use later on in blog posts, or even in site design on your website (listen to Josh’s example at the end of the interview). They’re also great in getting the word out about you. According to Interact, on average, 10 percent of people who take quizzes share their results on social media.

Josh suggests your success using quizzes as a lead gen tool largely depends on how you plan on using those results. He outlines an email cadence that uses the results from the quiz, including follow-up emails on the alternative results the quiz taker could have received.

Josh has written on the Act-On blog outlining three examples of content marketing quizzes and then discusses various methods of distribution to drive traffic to your quiz. We also have a post on quiz lessons from Buzzfeed and the New York Times.

Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.


  1. Why are quizzes a good tactic for generating leads?
  2. How do they fair when used for B2B versus B2C?
  3. Is there a type of quiz that works best? Are they embedded on your website or somewhere else? How about social?
  4. How do you create quiz questions that engage your audience?
  5. Is the lead gen just from collecting email addresses? If not, how else?
  6. Where should marketers start when considering adding a quiz to their lead gen efforts?
  7. What needs to be in place, besides the quiz, to capture those leads?
  8. What do you think is quizzes and marketing automation’s role work together with lead generation?
  9. Any advice on how to get people in front of your quiz? PPC or other promotions?
  10. Are there secondary uses for quiz information? Can the results be used elsewhere in your content marketing?