Ep. 50 | Why Am I Not Seeing Value in My Marketing Automation Strategy?

This is a picture of Phil Bosley for the Rethink Marketing podcast where he talks about strategy's role with your marketing automation platform.

In this Rethink Marketing episode, we chat with Phil Bosley, Act-On’s lead marketing automation strategist, about some of the challenges marketers have with their automation platforms and how Act-On is helping them.

Phil was earlier on Episode 21 of the podcast, where he talked about how marketing automation was like the game of chess. Phil can be considered an expert marketing automation strategist, having helped more than 1,500 companies with their marketing plans and strategies.

In this interview, he explains why marketers are having a hard time seeing value with their marketing automation platforms – regardless of the vendor. He said there are dozens of marketing automation vendors, but really only the big four stand out.

But success with a marketing automation platform boils down to two factors: strategy and training.

Back in August, we released our inaugural State of B2B Marketing Automation study, which surveyed more than 350 B2B marketing professionals in North America and Europe. That study revealed a correlation between marketing automation investment and business performance with leaders 24% more likely than their peers to say they are currently using marketing automation.

As Phil says in the interview, marketing automation is a new discipline, around just around a decade or so, and marketers have to rethink the same old marketing strategies they may have used for decades. 

An example we discuss in the interview is being able to layer the segmentation of prospects visiting your website to include the demographic info that’s always been used, but on top of that add behavioral data and lead scores from their engagement with your brand and website.

Besides refreshing our marketing automation strategies, one of the areas marketers need some help with their marketing  automation platforms is on training. To that end, Phil highlights Act-On’s revamped Act-On University, which includes live instructor training, as well as defined learning paths based on marketing focus (such as demand gen, email marketing or customer marketing).

Additionally, Phil is very proud of the small army of marketing success managers that Act-On has available to help customers. He’s certified them on marketing strategy, and no one passes with less than an excellent score. He said they’re routinely reaching out to customers to help them fine-tun their marketing strategies, and succeed on the Act-On platform.

Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.