Ep. 47 | Video Marketing: 10 Insider Tips for B2B Businesses

This is a picture of Hope Horner for the Rethink Podcast where she talks about video marketing

In this Rethink Marketing episode, we chat with Hope Horner, who shares her insider tips for successful video marketing for businesses.

Hope is the founder and CEO of Lemonlight Media, a video production agency headquartered in Los Angeles and serving clients across the country. Hope is a popular speaker on the topic of videos, and how companies can be successful using them.

With so much content out there in the world, and more being produced every day, video is a great tool for helping your company stand out.

“There’s a lot of noise,” Hope said. “Video has become a lot easier to create, so a lot more people are creating them, which makes having videos stand out that much harder to pull off.”

What are the differences between B2B and B2C videos?

Hope said the differences between B2C and B2B are less clear with regards to videos than it was in the past. She attributes several factors for this, including B2B companies taking a more personal approach with their video and content marketing efforts.

“Lemonlight works with hundreds of clients in both sectors, thousands even. I think historically there was a bigger gap between B2B and B2C. I think the B2B companies were a little bit more serious, a little bit more polished. The tone was a little bit different. Where B2C companies are typically a little bit more lively, a little bit more personality. But you’ve seen a big shift over the last few years. If you think about Slack’s commercials, they had animals, talking animals, and things that would normally not be associated with a B2B company. And I think that’s been kind of a shift and you see that happening more and more.”

Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.

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  1. Can you tell us more about yourself and Lemonlight Media?
  2. More and more marketers and businesses are incorporating video into their marketing plans. Why do you think that is?
  3. What is the hardest thing about adding video to your marketing tactics?
  4. What is the easiest thing?
  5. Can you explain the difference between how B2C and B2B companies may use video in their marketing?
  6. Once a company makes that decision on adding video, where do they start? What type of video(s) should they make?
  7. Can you explain more about this/these types?
  8. Are these videos made in-house or with an agency? How do you decide?
  9. How will you measure the effectiveness of your video?
  10. Where do these videos get activated/deployed? How do you leverage the video?
  11. Can you tell us some ways you can incorporate video into your marketing automation strategy (without mentioning Hubspot, a competitor)?
  12. On your website, you track Lemonlight’s years in business, videos produced, states shot in and so forth. You and the business have also been featured in a who’s who of media outlets. Any tips for fast growing your business?
  13. How does someone learn more about you and Lemonlight?