Ep. 34 | Brainstorming Creativity for Your Next Marketing Campaign

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In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, we interview Tyler Farnsworth about brainstorming creativity for your next marketing campaign.

Tyler is the managing director at August United, an influencer marketing agency. Tyler was one of the many great speakers who were in Portland this week for the latest stop in the Digital Summit series.

Digital Summit is a two-day event for marketers and others. Thought leaders from throughout the U.S. lead more than 40 presentations. Thursday’s keynote speaker was Ann Handley, who was on the Rethink Podcast last week. Listen to Ann Handley’s podcast talking about content marketing across the buying journey and leadership

A Roadmap to Remarkable Marketing

Tyler’s presentation was titled A Roadmap to Remarkable Marketing. As we discuss in the interview, too often marketers think that remarkable marketing is only something they read about in AdWeek.

But any marketer can create remarkable marketing, according to Tyler. In our conversation, he outlines his roadmap, including brainstorming creativity for your next marketing campaign.

Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.



  • Creative Brainstorm
  • Define Core Objectives
  • Right to win
  • Right people in the room
  • Change the venue
  • Empathy Exercise and Brain Teasers
  • Establish Rules
  • Start with Silence
  • Faucet Thinking
  • Funnel Thinking
  • Finding Examples of Creativity