Ep. 17 | Tying Your B2B Marketing to Revenue Attribution and Other Reporting Insights

Christine Vermes, Vice President of Marketing at Full Circle Insights, joins the Rethink Marketing Podcast to discuss marketing analytics

In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, Act-On’s CMO Michelle Huff interviews Christine Vermes and asks her about tying your B2B marketing to revenue attribution.

Christine, is vice president and head of marketing at Full Circle Insights. Her great and far ranging conversation with Michelle includes discussing B2C’s influence on B2B marketing, identifying what reporting numbers are most important, and they discuss their approaches to finding alignment with sales. They also chat about tying marketing activities to revenue and using those insights to help their own budgeting. And with so much data coming at marketers, what advice Christine has for getting started.

Enjoy the conversation, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.