Ep. 79 | Double Down on Your Best Performing Content

Picture of Larry Kim for the Rethink Marketing Podcast where he talks about unicorn content or your best performing content

Learn How to Create Other Killer Content to Drive More Leads

We chatted with Larry Kim back in the spring of 2017 about doubling down on your best performing content, rather than blindly sticking to publishing whatever you had on the editorial calendar you created six months ago.

In this Rethink Marketing podcast, we return to our conversation with Larry from the Spring of 2017. 

The fact is SiriusDecisions’ research shows 60–70% of content produced by B2B marketing departments goes unused.

Larry wants us to apply some strategy to our content producing machines. The first step is to check the numbers and identify our best performing content. He then wants us to double down on that content. He calls our best performing content – unicorns. And when we double down on it, we’re producing unicorn babies.

In today’s ultra-competitive content world, there are some very specific things to keep top-of-mind when working at creating content unicorns. The goal here is to delight your prospects by providing what they really want.

From attracting and nurturing leads to closing the deal and then on to inspiring brand advocates, here are five ways you, and your content, can be unicorns:

Make it entertaining, and make it memorable

During the first phase of the buyer’s journey, your content needs to be bold, to surprise and dazzle, to gain attention. I don’t know about you, but I am innately drawn to– and will stick around for – content that makes me laugh, cry, and even perhaps wince. Whether it’s funny or beautiful, scary or edgy, you need to distinguish your content from the pack to catch the attention of – and inspire engagement from – your prospects. Be bold and brave; create content that is so special, your prospects can’t wait to learn more about you by engaging further, or even better, sharing your content with their circles of influence.

Make it enticing

Once you’ve attracted your prospects, you need to design calls to action offers that are so irresistible, so intriguing, that they can’t help but want to give you their information (by way of a form) to get what you’re offering. With their data in hand, you are now on your way to delivering the education and information they crave.

Make it informative and relevant

Your content has a vital job to do. It needs to be an educational resource, providing timely and relevant value to your target audience. It needs to make your brand look smart and trustworthy. Ultimately, it must capture quality leads for your sales team.

To ride that content unicorn and capture your prospects, you need to deliver the right information at the right time, through the correct channels, to the people who need it – your potential customers. If you don’t do this, your buyers are going to look elsewhere to solve their problems or get their answers. That’s an open invitation for your competitors to become their hero. Don’t let that happen.

Make it personal

Nobody wants to feel like just one of the pack, so create content that addresses your prospect’s specific needs or solves a particular problem. Sending personalized, targeted email campaigns to specific people at specific times can accomplish this goal. It will move you closer to unicorn status.

Make it last

The savvy content marketer understands that the buyer’s journey doesn’t end after the sale. This is where the content marketing hero sets him/herself apart from the crowd: making the customer continue to feel important, special, valued long into the future. Make your customers and clients fans for life by continuing to nurture that relationship.