Ep. 81 | How to Grow Your Audience with the 3 P’s

Picture of Andy Crestodina for the Rethink Marketing Podcast where he talks about website conversion tactics

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Are your anonymous website visitors converting to known leads? Are you building your lists and growing your audience? You may have one awesome blog post or landing page dialed in for SEO. But are visitors taking the action you want them to take? In this Rethink Marketing Podcast encore, Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media Studios explains the 3 P’s to better conversions.

We chatted with Andy back in the fall of 2017. I have become a total fan boy of Andy and his team over at Orbit. They regularly product value-add content, especially about analytics, that is easy to understand and replicate. Enjoy this conversation, and be on the look out for new episodes coming soon. 

Building Your Audience with the 3 P’s

Act-On: We were talking a little earlier, where you have kind of a mantra around the three Ps. Maybe this might be a good time to share your words of wisdom.

Andy: On a blog, which is the other type of page … blog website design or building out a blog page ‒ those would often be designed to convert visitors into subscribers. So why do visitors subscribe? To understand the psychology of the potential subscriber, our goal becomes to give them the answers they need, like: What am I subscribing for?

And these are the three P’s.


The first P is prominence.

The subscribe box is visually prominent. It stands out and it’s got white space around it, or uses a contrasting color. A pop-up is another way to make it obviously prominent.


The second P is Promise.

Tell the visitor what they’re going to get, like marketing automation tips  and how often, weekly, or whatever. So many subscribe boxes don’t even tell the visitor what they’re going to get.


The third P would be Proof or evidence, like how many people subscribe, or testimonials from one of the subscribers.

If you just simply add those three Ps to your email signup box ‒ Prominence, Promise and Proof – as soon as we did that, we saw a 1,900 percent increase in the conversion rate from visitors into subscribers on our website.