Ep. 77 | The Essential Organic B2B Marketing Strategies for LinkedIn

Picture of Melissa Barker for the Rethink Marketing Podcast where she talks about the organic B2B marketing strategies for LinkedIn in 2018

Featured eBook: 10 Things B2B Companies Should be Doing on LinkedIn

10 Things Companies Should do on LinkedIn

In this episode, Melissa Barker from Organic Demand Generation shares her insights on the essential organic B2B marketing strategies for LinkedIn in 2018.

Melissa, a senior consult with ODG, has consulted on digital strategy and reporting for a variety of technology companies, including Act-On Software, Jive Software, Puppet, Lumen Learning, and Siber Systems. Her focus include marketing metrics (helping organizations to select KPIs), organic social strategy, and training. She also authored the first college textbook on social media marketing in 2010. Since this publication, she developed and taught the first accredited social media marketing certificate in Washington state.

If you haven’t paid attention, LinkedIn has grown to not only be a networking tool but a business tool with the platform’s addition of Sales Navigator, Marketing Solutions, and LinkedIn Pulse.

“LinkedIn is the largest professional social network with 500 million users, and is growing at a rate of 2 new members per second,” Melissa said. “In my opinion, it has become the best social network to reach prospects because people are already in a business mindset there. Users are open networking, being marketed to and often looking for services and business connections.”