Ep. 119 | Advanced Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Noticed

It is 2019, and you have bought into the idea of building an inbound marketing program for your B2B business and you’re creating personalized, relevant content for your audience. So, what are you doing to promote that content?

Promotion is the step where most companies fail at content marketing.

Your content might be amazing, but there’s still a lot of content out there competing with yours to be discovered.

This week, we chat with Baird Hall, founder of content creator tools Zubtitle and Wavve, which are great at helping you stand out when you share your content on social. Wavve allows you to take your audio content, from podcasts or elsewhere, and turn them in eye catching video snippets. And Zubtitle allows you to create captions for your videos quickly and cheaply.

What are Wavve and Zubtitle?

Nathan Isaacs: Can you tell me more about yourself and Zubtitle and Wavve?

Baird Hall: Thanks Nathan for having me. I’m looking forward to talking today. I live in Charleston, South Carolina, and I have been doing the entrepreneur thing for about three years now. And I’m the founder of Wavve and Zubtitle.

And the short answer is that we build tools that help content creators better share their video and audio content on social media.

We do that through our two products, Wavve as a tool that re-purposes audio clips on social media as videos, kind of solve that problem that you can’t really post an audio file on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. So, our software converts it to a really attention grabbing video that helps promote podcasts and music and other audio content.

And then we also have the Zubtitle, which is a video captioning tool that makes it completely automated and effortless for adding captions to any videos. So really helpful if you’re posting video content on LinkedIn or Facebook and you’re worried that, you know, people may have mute on and can’t hear your content that solves that problem.

Picture of Baird Hall for the Rethink Marketing podcast where he talks about advanced promotion tactics for your content

What prompted the companies being created?

Nathan: And doing some research leading up to our interview, it looked like both of these companies, you know, one after the other we’re born from the frustrations you were experiencing or that you were seeing. Can you talk about that experience and just how the company’s evolved?

Baird: I started my entrepreneurial journey by coming up with my own big idea that I wanted to build and launch. And that didn’t go very well. The more I focused on my ideas and what I thought was cool or important, the less success I had.

And I’ve found over time that the more I focused on other people’s problems, especially businesses or people that are trying to accomplish something important with their career or job, whatever it may be, the more I focused on other people’s problems, the more success I have, so that’s been a big shift in my mindset.

But, it’s an interesting story how we got started. Originally, the original idea, I wanted to build a tool that let anyone send audio or call in to radio shows, sports radio shows. I felt like radio was really not a very interactive medium and I listen to sports radio nonstop and thought that it would be so cool if people could record a little audio clips from their phone and join a chat room around radio shows, and talk about it with other people and the radio shows can play it back.

And we spent like a whole year on that and we had some success. We had some ESPN shows that signed up and we definitely, you know, we had thousands of users on our App, but we really had a hard time figuring out the business model around it. And the whole time that we were doing this, our biggest problem was that even though we could get people on our apps submitting audio clips, our biggest problem is promoting that audio. We wanted to put it on Facebook, on Instagram and Twitter and encourage people to say, “Hey, come look at this audio content,” Or “Come listen to it, it’s really interesting.” But you couldn’t do that.

So, we focus on our own problem of solving that and that’s kind of how Wavve was born. And we sold that original company and the light bulb went off pretty quick that a lot of other people had problems sharing audio content. So we pivoted and created Wavve, and that was January of 2017. So we’ve been live for just over two years now.

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Nathan: How did Zubtitle come about?

Baird: A similar arc. We had a lot of users that we’re asking, a lot of our Wavve users were asking, “Hey, how do I add captions or subtitles to my Wavve videos? I have these minute, two minute audio clips that I’m turning into videos for social media, but everybody has mute on and they can’t hear my video,” is a big problem that they had.

And we realized that it wasn’t just for audio content, but also just for videos in general. It was a big project to build that into Wavve alone. So the thought was, well, if the Zubtitle could work for any video creator, let’s build it as a standalone App and then integrate the two together so we can sell both products independently from one another. But we also integrated it into Wavve so that you can add captions and subtitles to Wavve videos.

That’s where that came from. Again, just trying to listen to our customers and figure out what their big problems were that were keeping them from getting more views and eyeballs on their content.

Image quote about the importance of Advanced Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Noticed

Why are tools like these important in promoting your content?

Nathan: Can you talk about the importance of adding motion to your audio tracks and sharing that on social, or adding the subtitles for your videos when you’re adding it on social. Why are tools like these important?

Baird: I think that goes back to just how people behave and what grabs people’s attention.

And even if you think about yourself laying in bed at night or just sitting at home and scrolling through social media, when you think of that concept of scrolling, we’re browsing this massive, massive amount of information and we’re looking for something that interests us.

And the most common way to grab somebody interest is visually, and Facebook and Instagram and all the large social media platforms they know this, and that’s why they’ve really doubled down on visual mediums. That’s why Instagram has been so successful, because it’s just images and videos and that’s what really grabs people’s attention. Now, from a marketing standpoint, you know, obviously grabbing someone’s attention is half the battle and then the second half of the battle is retaining their attention and actually delivering your message.

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That’s where audio comes in that it’s so successful when people hear things, they’re really focused and attentive and they’re thinking about what they are hearing, and processing it.

So, for Wavve, I think that’s why it’s been so successful is because a part of the product is built around grabbing people’s attention with animations and great imagery and sound waves, kind of visual sound waves. People see that and they’re like, “Ooh, this is cool. This is interesting. Let me look at this.” And then when they listen to the audio, that’s when they get hooked in and they really start thinking about what they’re hearing and processing it.

And the same thing with the video too. You want to grab their attention quickly up front, but you want somebody to listen to what you’re saying. You know, videos that don’t have audio aspects to them, sometimes you don’t perform as well as somebody talking to you and explaining something to you. So just that behavior in itself of how people, what people decide to focus on and how they learn is how we’re modeling the products. And, more specifically the outcome of our products, the videos that it creates.

To see how others are using Wavve to showcase audio on social media, check out the Wavve Instagram @instagram.com/getwavve