Ep. 94 | 12 Tips For How to Develop a Podcast Strategy for Your Brand

In this week’s episode, we talk with Jeremy Solly (@jsolly) about how to develop a podcast strategy for your brand that moves the needle.

In our conversation, we run down more than a dozen tips and tactics to employ with your brand podcast. We cover goal setting, strategy, equipment, outsourcing, launching, metrics and more.

I met Jeremy at the Digital Summit conference in Portland, where he was presenting on how to use a podcast as anchor content for your brand.

There are many benefits to incorporating podcasts into your marketing mix. Those include reaching captive audiences, bringing personality to your brand, and establishing thought leadership in the brand’s category.

What other time can a B2B marketer have a 20-minute or longer conversation a weekly basis with someone who is listening while they ride the bus, drive to work, workout, or (like me) work in the garage?

Worried that there is already too many podcasts in your space? According to Edison Research’s Infinite Dial report, more than 40 million Americans listen to a podcast weekly, and the average number of podcasts listened to are five. And podcast listenership has been growing by double digits year over year since 2008.

So, there is plenty of blue ocean still out there for your brand. You just need spend the time developing a podcast strategy. Basically, you need to answer the same questions you would ask for any marketing initiative.

  1. Who is our audience?
  2. What do they want to listen to?
  3. How are they not being served by other podcasts in this space?
  4. How can we differentiate ourselves?
  5. How do we establish ourselves (cadence, distribution, format, etc.)
  6. How do we promote our episodes?
  7. How do we measure success (quantitatively and qualitatively)?

Listen to the episode to hear what Jeremy and I have to share about building a successful podcast for your B2B brand.

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Episode Shownotes

  1. You’re here to talk about using podcasts as anchor content. Can you tell us what anchor content is and why a brand may want it?
  2. And why is a podcast perfect for that role? What makes it unique? Does it have legs or just this year’s trend?
  3. So, a brand has decided a podcast will be a good fit for them. How do they get started?
  4. There are plenty of how-to’s on equipment, but do you have any additional tips?
  5. What are your thoughts on finding your voice? Or why people should tune into your podcast compared to all the others out there?
  6. What are your thoughts about tying your podcast to your other content marketing and vice versa?
  7. Any secrets to getting started and launching a podcast?
  8. What advice do you have for promoting your podcast? What is the Podcast Episode Promotion Plan?
  9. What metrics should you care about? How do you explain the value to your bosses?