Ep. 111 | Finding Your Marketing Funnel Strategy

This week, we chat with Michelle Evans, a veteran marketing strategist, who has been helping companies from Microsoft to startups define and design their marketing funnels for predictable success.

We discuss what marketers are doing right with their funnels, where they can improve, how to get started, and more. 

She also offers a free quiz on her website for marketers identify their ideal marketing funnel.

Picture of Michelle Evans for the Rethink Marketing podcast where she talks about finding the perfect marketing funnel

Show notes:

  1. Can you tell me more about yourself and what you do?
  2. How do you define marketing a marketing funnel?
  3. Why are marketing funnels important to your business?
  4. What are marketers or business owners doing right with their marketing funnels?
  5. How do I get started with a marketing funnel?
  6. How do I figure out the right kind of marketing funnel for my business?
  7. How do I build in predictability with my marketing funnel?
  8. Do I need to spend $$$$ in PPC and other ads to make $$ in a marketing funnel?
  9. How do you know how many leads you need at the top of the funnel to produce enough closed/won deals at the bottom to sustain your business? Any tricks or insights?
  10. What are some core strategies to building a marketing funnel that would work across industries, from manufacturing to higher education to insurance?
  11. How do I learn more about you? You also have a podcast, what’s the name?