Ep. 107 | How to Hire the Perfect Freelance Writer

From my seat in marketing, I believe Content Marketing is what ties it all together. It is your marketing team’s franchise quarterback. But what if you don’t have a content marketer on staff or the budget to hire one full time?

This week, we talk with Sharon Hurley Hall about how to hire the perfect freelance writer for your content marketing.

We cover how to find an above average freelancer, what to look for, how to establish work expectations for both side, and what to expect to pay for a freelancer.

Enjoy the conversations, and we hope you can get one or two takeaways that you can bring to your business.

Picture of Sharon Hurley Hall for the Rethink Marketing podcast where she talks about how to hire the perfect freelance writer

The Value of Freelancers and a Well Written Blog Post

What’s often lost in considering whether or not to hire a freelancer, and then top dollar for a blog post, is thinking about the return on that investment. So, take for example spending $400-$500 for a blog post and it’s well written it’s optimized for the web, and optimized for your business.

On our Act-On blog, we have optimized posts that were published three, four or five years ago that continue to draw more than 1,000 viewers a month, with many of those people opting into our funnel. Think about that cost per lead compared to anything else you’re doing. Your pay per click cost per lead might be $10, $20, or even $100. Now you’re talking about something that you paid for $400, four years ago that continues to produce dozens of leads per year, year after year, making you money.

Pretty cheap in the long run.

Show notes:

  1. Can you tell us more about yourself and what you do?
  2. We’re here to talk about hiring a freelance writer to help scale your content marketing. What are the benefits to hiring a freelancer?
  3. How does a company find a freelancer for their industry?
  4. What should companies be considering as they seek a freelance writer?
  5. What kind of questions should companies be asking freelance writers?
  6. Any advice on what to look for when reviewing writing samples?
  7. What are the best pieces of content a company should be hiring a freelance writer for?
  8. How should the freelancer and client manage deadlines, editing, and the overall process?
  9. It often comes down to price. What advice do you have for companies regarding what they should expect to pay for a freelance writer and what they get for that price (compared to hiring someone for $20).
  10. How do I learn more about you?