Tour de Force

Company Overview

Tour de Force provides customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), in-depth business intelligence (BI), and business process optimization (BPO) features designed to help your business become more efficient and more effective.

Enterprise Software Solutions for B2B Sales Organizations

Tour de Force integrates directly with other software applications and databases that your organization uses such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or back office business systems, Microsoft Outlook, mail servers, phone systems, shipping systems, etc. This high level of integration creates a centralized data warehouse that will be used across your organization to manage all aspects of the relationships that you have with your customers, prospects, vendors, and suppliers. Tour de Force solutions are scalable, giving you the ability to start with basic features and grow into advanced features over time. We have a solution for you, whether your organization is looking for a streamlined business intelligence application that will provide meaningful reporting and analytics, a basic customer relationship management system that will allow you to manage the key details of your relationships with customers, prospects, and vendors, or a feature-rich enterprise solution that provides the full functionality of the Tour de Force solution and extends into managing your public jobs, service, annual planning, and much more.


  • Analytics, Reporting, and Dashboards
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Extensive integration with your ERP system
  • Fully automated email logging
  • 360° view of your customers, prospects, vendors, and suppliers
  • +95% Customer Retention Rate

Act-On Integration

The Marketing Automation Module offers extensive integration with Act-On. This integration allows you to create a mailing list from within Tour de Force using the extensive filtering capabilities in the system and seamlessly push that list into Act-On. The integration also imports mailing data from Act-On into Tour de Force, allowing you to track and analyze key metrics from your marketing campaigns. The Marketing Automation module consolidates the efforts of sales and marketing teams by giving sales people insights into their prospects’ activities and interactions, allowing a sales person to go to a Contact record in Tour de Force and view email opens, click throughs, bounces, and website visits.