The Success Stars Consulting

Company Overview

The Success Stars is your Trusted Partner for Marketing Automation Consulting, Onboarding and Professional Services in APAC and India. We help you through your entire journey through Marketing Automation onboarding, providing you strategic consulting to get the best out of it, helping you run your outbound and nurture campaigns and provide professional services.

We specialize in providing our customers all that they need to be successful with a Marketing Automation system. We are based in India and serve customers across Asia Pacific and India region. If you plan to purchase and successfully implement a Marketing Automation system in your organization, we are your trusted partners. We not only help our customers choose the best Marketing Automation system but also provide Consulting, Custom onboarding and Professional Services support while our highly experienced consultants guide and hand hold you to get the best return from your Marketing Automation investment.


  • Marketing Automation Consulting
  • Act-On Custom Onboarding & Support
  • Marketing Automation Professional Services
  • CRM Integration

Act-On Integration

Marketing Automation has become the need of the hour and so is it’s complete implementation. A system as robust as Marketing Automation doesn’t work in silos and you achieve your RoI only when it is onboarded and implemented successfully. We have identified that there is a gap in terms of availability of Professional support and Consulting assistance that a Marketing Automation starter would need – be it a start-up, mid-size or a large organization. We are partnering with a visionary “Act-On Software” with a focus in helping our clients implement and execute their Marketing Automation platforms and best practices fully and be successfully with their marketing automation programs.