Smart Compass

Company Overview

At Smart Compass we specialize in covering the entire marketing process and designing strategies to attract strangers to your website and then become them customers and promoters of your brand.

Smart Compass is the first Inbound Marketing agency in Costa Rica, Central America. Our services are: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Integration with CRM systems, Web, Development and Design, Graphic Design and SEO.


  • ­Inbound Marketing ­
  • Marketing Automation ­
  • Lead Nurturing ­
  • Marketing and CRM Integration ­
  • Email Marketing ­
  • Web Development and Design ­Graphic Design ­
  • SEO – From an idea to a finished project.
  • All accompanied by a comprehensive guide and advice, so that all your digital marketing actions are perfectly connected and aligned to achieve the goals of your business.

Act-On Integration

We know how to combine and take advantage of technological innovation and creativity for efficient marketing with measurable results. Our Act-On certified team has the experience to help you with a modern and automated Marketing.