Company Overview

redk is a modern and energetic company able to deliver the most modern, versatile, and cost effective technologies. Specialising in delivering CRM and CX technologies, redk can guide you through the "digital transformation" roadmap and deliver the value and competitive advantage your business needs to grow.

Our strategic consultancy and technology solutions implementation provides the tactical capabilities to enable companies to execute their customer strategies effectively and efficiently. It allows organisations to achieve CRM Transformation. We work with leading technologies to empower organisations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers. Our main technologies: Zendesk, IBM Marketing Cloud and SugarCRM. redk is SugarCRM’s leading partner in the EMEA region and a key partner for the implementation and management of international IT solutions. Our objective is to create “case success stories” by: – Making your IT strategy a profitable part of your business. – Generating an extraordinary positive customer experience that translates into competitive advantage. – Improving productivity and efficiency by leveraging the right technologies. #CRM #CX #customerexperience #consultancy #marketingautomation #customerservice #helpdesk #techology #SugarCRM #Zendesk #IBMWatson #ActonMarketing