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Customer Happiness

Company Overview

Provident CRM is a CRM consulting company specialising in managing full cycle customer experience, from Marketing to Sales to Service. We have offices in Dublin, Cork, London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Provident CRM is a CRM consulting company specializing in managing full cycle customer experience, from Marketing to Sales to Service. Here at Provident CRM, we are passionate about customer happiness. We have 10+ years experience helping organizations foster engagement and enhance customer experience through technological channels. We execute projects from your first seed of an idea to the final stage of growth. We believe we can help customers improve upon their ideas, or come up with even better solutions. We treasure partnerships and love teamwork. We believe creativity, quality and sustainability are paramount. With offices in Dublin, Cork, London, Manchester and Edinburgh, we have shared our experience and knowledge with organizations across Europe in both the private and public sectors.


Visit our website to learn more about use and how we can help you achieve excellence across your Sales and Marketing channels. We are Provident CRM, the crafters of your path to customer happiness.

Act-On Integration

We have 10+ years experience with SugerCRM. As a SugarCRM Elite Partner, we are your perfect partner to manager your Act-On integration. Act-On’s seamless integration with Sugar makes it easier for marketing to deliver more highly qualified, sales ready leads to the sales team. Using Act-On’s native, out-of-the-box integration, you can set up automatic, bidirectional, synchronization between Sugar and Act-On – easily, and in minutes. With Act-On, you can attract, capture, and nurture prospects, then convert leads directly into SugarCRM. Sales accesses SugarCRM to get real time information, including prioritized leads and activity history.