Pravda Media Group

Company Overview

Pravda Media Group helps international B2B tech companies build a robust funnel, from awareness to sales. This is achieved by using inbound and outbound marketing techniques, B2B social media marketing, original content creation, and cutting-edge marketing technologies.

B2B Digital Marketing Company

Pravda Media Group (PMG) provides digital marketing services to IT, Telecom, SaaS, and other technology companies. With the combination of creativity, technology, content, and marketing know-how, the team at PMG plans, executes, and measures marketing programs for its clients. They specialize in augmenting the digital marketing efforts of companies and starting from the ground up.

Strategic Course of Action

PMG’s marketing programs are custom-designed based on the market, product, and business goals of each client. These programs include funnel mapping, content creation and distribution, B2B social media marketing, inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, marketing automation services, integration of marketing technology, and more. From thought-leaders to prospects, PMG identifies, attracts, and engages with the right audience to fit marketing goals. With the help of cutting-edge marketing technology, including marketing automation platforms such as Act-On, PMG helps its clients do more with less, and in less time.

Results on All Fronts

Pravda Media Group measures the impact of digital marketing programs based on agreed-upon KPIs. This includes cross funnel measurement, from the impact of thought leadership projects to the ROI of middle-of-the-funnel services.


  • Digital Marketing Analysis
  • Funnel Design
  • Digital Marketing Program Management
  • Content and Inbound Marketing
  • Outbound and Content Distribution
  • Engagement Measurement and ROI Marketing
  • Technology Integration
  • Marketing Automation as a Service
  • B2B Social Media Marketing


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