Company Overview

Nortal creates lasting change in businesses using a strategic approach to data­-driven technology. Our mission is to create seamless marketing and sales operations built on a 360 degree view of the client.

The role of marketers and sales representatives within B2B is changing quickly. The buyer has taken control over the sales process. To reach the right buyer at the right time is complex, covering strategic demand generation, automated lead nurturing, pipeline management and prioritizing the right leads. This is often known as Lead­to­Revenue Management. To achieve this, marketing and sales departments in B2B companies need to agree on a common goal: revenue. This is where Nortal helps you grow your business.

1. Understand how your customers buy. Your customers start their buying processes on their own, and they do it online. We will help you understand your customers buying patterns and how to communicate effectively with them.

2. Stop guessing about your marketing investments. Marketing needs to be under the same scrutiny as sales. We will help you set up the right Key Performance Indicators to drive your marketing activities towards the right goal: moving potential buyers forward.

3. Generate more and better leads with Marketing Automation. As your lead pipeline grows, you need to manage your database of potential buyers. Marketing Automation will help you carry personal dialogues with thousands of leads simultaneously. Nortal will help you set up your Marketing Automation processes and teach you how to identify which leads to qualify and prioritize.

4. Automate your sales. Once your lead pipeline is well optimized, you need to optimize how your sales organization handles the qualified leads. Nortal will boost your sales processes by helping you choose and implement the right CRM system for your business.

Marketing and sales activities are different parts of the same process: Moving leads through their buying process towards becoming a customer. Nortal will help you set up, change and manage your organization with the right supporting software infrastructure for this process.


  • Revenue Strategy ­
  • Lead­-to­-Revenue Management & Process development ­
  • Marketing Automation ­
  • Big Data Analytics ­
  • CRM – Business Intelligence ­
  • eCommerce Solutions

Act-On Integration

Many marketing software initiatives that fail do so in first 6 to 12 months from the system being implemented. Marketing Automation is no exception. Often, it is due to the marketing department being eager to dive right into the system without setting up (1) strategies for how to generate and develop leads, and (2) processes to handle, qualify and move leads forward in the buying process. A clear strategy and process for demand generation, supported by Act­-On, is what will help you achieve success. Nortal will help you develop strategies and tactics for your entire lead-­to­-revenue process, allowing you to fully leverage your Act­-On investment