Company Overview

Newfangled partners with marketing agencies to build conversion-focused websites that integrate with marketing automation and CRM systems for their clients.

Building Conversion-Focused Lead Generation Websites

Newfangled builds websites that are part of a lead development ecosystem. We build sites on an open source-based content management system (CMS) with a goal of attracting, informing, and engaging new business prospects. The CMS integrates with marketing automation platforms (such as Act-On) and/or CRM systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics where leads can then be nurtured.

Newfangled integrates with Act-On, but has also built a proprietary smart call-to-action (CTA) and progressive profiling system that will never ask a visitor to do something they’ve already done or ask for information they’ve already provided, allowing you to progressively ask for new information and present the appropriate next action to the visitor.


  • Website planning and development
  • Marketing automation and CRM consulting
  • Custom-built websites
  • 3rd party services

Act-On Integration

The NewfangledCMS is built to connect with Act-On by pushing all web visits and form activity into the Act-On database without requiring you to embed or iframe Act-On forms directly onto your site or rely exclusively on Act-On landing pages. The calls to action and all other forms that are part of your website CMS will push data behind the scenes into Act-On forms and lists so that leads and their actions can be scored, segmented, and nurtured without the visitor ever having to leave the site or view an Act-On form or page.