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Company Overview

Over 85,000 users trust NeverBounce for their real-time email verification and list cleaning services. NeverBounce ensures you reach your customers by dramatically increasing the delivery of your emails to the inbox. By removing outdated email addresses and checking if an email is valid, NeverBounce improves deliverability and helps businesses adhere to strict email provider guidelines.

Utilizing a 20+ step proprietary cleaning process that is unmatched, NeverBounce avoids relying on historical data by checking and validating email addresses up to 75 times from around the globe at the time of processing. Whether verifying email addresses at the point-of-capture or cleaning bulk lists, customers can utilize the connectivity method – API, JavaScript Widget, Webhook, User Dashboard – that best fits their needs. NeverBounce removes up to 99.9% of all bounced emails from your list, validating emails of all types, from small to large businesses, and all major providers from around the world.


  • Highest Accuracy – Real-time verification – no historical data used. Each email is validated at time of processing
  • Both point-of-capture verification & email list cleansing use cases supported
  • Responsive support from a dedicated Customer Care team based in Park City, UT
  • Compliant with both GDPR & Privacy Shield

Act-On Integration

As an Act-On partner, NeverBounce seamlessly integrates with the Act-On platform where list cleansing information is shared between the companies without a third party interaction. This direct integration provides ease of use, flexibility, and puts you in control.