Company Overview

Levementum serves hundreds of customers, by delivering superior Sales and Service process solutions and implementing market leading CRM applications. Customers demand that their sales and service processes are supported by powerful marketing automation solutions, to relentlessly drive demand, and provide facilities to continue the customer narrative. Act-On, with its superior feature set, innovative user interface, and agnostic CRM integration capabilities, provides our CRM customers with a powerful solution at the right price. They love it.

Think Big. Start Small. Move Fast.

For 9 years, Levementum has been laser focused on ensuring success for companies that choose to embark on a CRM journey. Through carefully honed capabilities on specific CRM technologies, a focus on change management and adoption programs, and a set of ongoing service solutions, Levementum is an established one stop shop for CRM implementation.


  • Salesforce and SugarCRM Implementations and Support Solutions
  • Managed Support Solutions
  • Process Change Management
  • Training and Adoption Services
  • Scale to the Needs of Your Business
  • Contact us to discuss and solve your business process challenges.

Act-On Integration

Marketing Automation is the next wave of innovation for companies that have invested in CRM technologies. If CRM solutions are “the engine”, Marketing Automation provides “the fuel”. Act-On is a great solution for our customers. Its native and quick start integration to both Salesforce and SugarCRM, allows us to get customers set up rapidly in any stage of a CRM implementation process. Additionally, Act-On provides the necessary education for new users and allows for a smooth on-boarding process full of rich information and training.