Grit & Rad

Company Overview

Grit and Rad is the company specialized of Marketing Automation for the parent company Mio Group. They focused on giving complete support of M.A for the Spanish market as well as the integrated project management “end to end” for clients belonging to the agency´s group.

Our objective is to optimize the efforts required for Hello Media and Voila’s acquisition campaigns, as part of the “end to end” marketing plan of clients.

We lean ourselves towards two fundamental pillars, the deep understanding of the market, and our ability of providing Marketing Automation solutions using Act-On software, described as one of the leading technologies in the market and most valued by its users.

Grit & Rad also collaborates directly with clients who uniquely focus on implementing Marketing Automation solutions, or those who wish to directly acquire Act-On software technology.

Grit & Rad is a Platinum+ partner of Act-On Software and main representation partner of Act-On for the Spanish European market.


  • Consulting
  • Campaign Execution
  • Training & Support
  • Technology & Software Training
  • Content Creation