Demand Gen Coach

Company Overview

Demand Gen Coach has a unique approach to helping you—the marketers at small to mid-size companies—develop and implement demand generation programs that yield impressive and measurable results. We also help you acquire the demand generation knowledge and skills you need to become better marketers.

Demand Gen Coach

It has often been said, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” This proverb emphasizes the fundamental difference between a marketing consultant and a marketing coach. The provider of marketing consulting services focuses on solving the problem for the client, but Demand Gen Coach helps marketers develop and implement their own demand-generation strategy and program. As a Demand Gen Coach client, you learn to become a seasoned demand generation marketer while implementing effective demand generation and lead management programs for your company.


  • Discovery and needs assessment to identify those who would benefit from demand generation coaching, and to tailor coaching sessions to the specific needs of each client.
  • Key skills coaching that addresses gaps in knowledge and capability.
  • Demand generation strategy coaching to facilitate implementation of the demand generation plan. This includes strategy, operations, personnel, and tactical planning.
  • Progress review to ensure that the demand generation plan is being executed effectively.
  • Develop insight on your target buyer by constructing buyer personas and defining the buying process for your customers.
  • Formulate a content strategy that produces highly effective content within your budget and resource pool.
  • Develop, as part of your lead generation strategy, a management process to accurately qualify leads so that sales receives high-probability prospects for follow-up.
  • Implement a lead nurturing process to prepare and maximize leads that are not yet ready for sales.
  • Identify the correct metrics to determine which programs are working, and how overall demand generation is performing.
  • Understand how to leverage marketing and sales technology (CRM and marketing automation software) to support the demand generation strategy.

Act-On Integration

Many Act-On customers jump into the marketing automation game thinking the software itself will make them better marketers. This just isn’t true. A sound strategy and process for demand generation, supported by Act-On, is what will help you achieve success. Demand Gen Coach is the resource for helping you develop a solid demand generation program, allowing you to fully leverage your Act-On investment.