Company Overview

We combine Content, Digital and Marketing Automation expertise to help our clients to grow their revenue in the UK. That’s more leads, better qualified, in a process that is measurable, repeatable and scalable.

Cremarc is the leading Revenue Marketing Company in the United Kingdom. We combine Content, Digital and Marketing Automation expertise to help our clients to grow their revenue. We work only in enterprise b2b; this is where we have an intimate understanding of the buyer. Our expertise in Content and Marketing automation enables our clients to engage more effectively with buyers as they move through the awareness, interest and evaluation stages of the buying cycle. 

There are two ways in which we assist you with Marketing Automation. If you do not have the internal resource or skills to deploy Marketing Automation, we provide a fully-managed service. Our unique Managed Service approach to Marketing Automation allows you to gain all of the benefits without having to embark on the steep learning curve and time-consuming configuration of your own platform. With our Marketing Automation Managed Service you not only get the software as-a-service, but you also get an expert as-a-service. This fast-tracks deployment and leverages our experience to configure your Marketing Automation instance to your specific needs. We will ensure that you to get it right first time, and that you continually optimise what the platform can deliver for you and your business. 

If you are looking to deploy your own Marketing Automation platform, our experience will help you define your requirements and successfully navigate the deployment phase. If you have the license, but not the time to implement the solution, we can assist you in your deployment having our experts set up your Marketing Automation platform by following our proven methodology. You will struggle to find experts in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation that also have a deep-rooted understanding and background in the enterprise b2b space. The good news is that you just have!