Act-On vs Pardot

Act-On drives personal multi-channel marketing for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Act-On has enabled us to create more advanced campaigns with relative ease, improving our overall marketing presence and efficiency. The platform’s range of tools and the company’s exemplary customer support are unrivaled. Other competitors offering the same features and benefits are considerably more Expensive.

Companies who choose Act-On over Pardot

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Multi-Channel Marketing Across the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Unrivaled Customer Support for Every Customer

Act-On provides unlimited phone and email support for every customer, at no additional cost. We believe that your success is our success, and stand behind that with the way we help our customers at every stage of their relationship with us.

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Act-On’s onboarding process and University taught me more about marketing automation than I ever could have imagined.

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When comparing the different tools, Act-On kept bubbling to the top. The team decided to go with Act-On because of its ease-of-use and active-contact pricing.

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Automation Made Easy with Free Downloadable Templates

Our platform is extremely user friendly. We know because that’s the most common thing our customers tell us. Not only that, but our active-contact pricing means you’re only charged for existing contacts, which helps you prioritize key prospects and deliver relevant messaging.

Unique Active Contact Pricing Delivers More Value, for Less $

Act-On’s pricing model is completely unique in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we charge based on the contacts you’re actively emailing each month, not the number of contacts you store in our system. We call this, “Active Contact” pricing. With the right nurture strategy in place, most companies aren’t emailing their entire database each month – leading to a much more cost effective implementation.

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Act-On is easy to use and is well-integrated with Salesforce, and the company’s pricing and customer service are excellent. Act-On’s campaign reports quickly produce a wealth of data I can share with our president to evaluate our success.

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By moving from an elementary level of email marketing services to a comprehensive integrated tool, Act-On brings email, lead generation, lead tracking, social media activities, and metrics into a single platform.

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Supporting Critical Multi-Channel Functionality

Long gone are the days of building a list, blasting an email, and seeing results. People now have a choice and preferences for how and where they engage with different brands – this demands a multichannel approach. With key integrations and tools like our Advanced Social Media Module, Act-On supports customers as they grow their marketing into a multi-channel strategy.

Key Considerations

Salesforce Integration
Act-On check mark
Pardot check mark
Unlimited Landing pages and Forms with built-in responsive design
Act-On check mark
Pardot x mark
Unlimited automation rules
Act-On check mark
Pardot Limited depending on package purchased
File storage space for images and pdfs
Act-On check mark
Starts at 4GB
Pardot x mark
Starts at 100MB
Advanced Social Marketing with Easy Attribution to Pipeline Impact
Act-On check mark
Pardot x mark
Social Studio in the Marketing Cloud (very expensive $$$$)
Downloadable nurture program templates
Act-On check mark
Pardot x mark
Phone Support for All Customers
Act-On check mark
Pardot x mark
Monthly Cost Structure
Act-On Active Contacts
Pardot Total Database Size

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