Graduate from Inbound: Use a Balanced Marketing Approach

Are you considering the switch from Hubspot to Act-On? Making the move to a new marketing automation system is easier than you think. Act-On has all the resources and support you need to migrate your content, train your team, and power up your automation game beyond inbound.


It’s Easier Than You Think

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Migrating Your Content & Data

We understand how critical the migration of your content is to the success of your future campaigns with Act-On, so we want to make sure that your content and data are moved over to Act-On swiftly and accurately. Act-On’s Professional Services team offers a variety of migration services including an audit of your current program and migration of campaign assets, media files, and marketing lists.  

Your Support & Training Team

Get the help you need where, when, and how you need it. Want a hand getting up and running? We’re here to help. Looking to boost your productivity and improve ROI? We’ve got you covered. From the moment you become a customer, you’ll have a access to best-in-class resources to help you get the most out of your Act-On platform.

Your Professional Services Team

Want us to handle all the details of your migration? We recognize you may not have the staff resources, expertise or time to make the most of your Act-On experience. Not to worry, our internal professional services team can provide additional marketing muscle. You’ll have access to world-class experts in marketing creative services, marketing automation execution, and strategic services. They’re ready to help you reach your marketing goals.


Interested in learning about others that have chosen Act-On over Hubspot?


Jonas Construction Software was using HubSpot to reach potential customers, but the platform wasn’t capable of dynamically nurturing leads based on prospects’ profiles and actions. When Jonas switched to Act-On, they were able to run more than 100 automated programs and distribute thousands of emails daily to both prospects and customers. They also dramatically increased the number of leads and opportunities, and re-engage 20% of prospects that had fallen dormant.


The Florida-based Templeton & Company accounting firm found itself juggling six different programs to meet its marketing needs. They used Microsoft Dynamics for their CRM, Hubspot for landing pages and forms, GoToWebinar for webinar announcements and tracking, and ExactTarget for emails. The hodgepodge of systems required hours of manual data entry, and didn’t integrate with Dynamics. Templeton needed something that could bring it all together, and chose Act-On. The Templeton team had Act-On running with full Dynamics and GoToWebinar integration in about a week, and reported first year savings of more than $10,000. Now all emails are routed through Act-On and tracked through Dynamics, giving marketing and sales a clear picture.

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Your Act-On Advantage

Beyond Inbound

Inbound alone isn’t enough. Research shows that successful marketing teams use a balanced combination of inbound and outbound marketing programs to achieve their goals. In fact, 84% of marketers agree that both inbound and outbound tactics are essential for driving business. The Act-On platform gives you the tools to execute a comprehensive strategy to attract, capture, nurture, and convert customers.


Your Automation Upgrade!

Your shiny new marketing command center will have tools for every member of your team. With the Act-On platform, your team can quickly start using advanced automation features like branching logic in lead nurtures, influencer scoring, advanced segmentation, account-based marketing, and deep data analysis with Act-On’s data studio.


Marketing Automation is for More Than Just Demand Generation

Marketing teams are responsible for more than just acquiring net-new customers. They must build brand equity, manage PR, run customer marketing programs, and so much more. The Act-On platform is designed for marketing teams to achieve all of their objectives. With our integrated workspace you can build brand, drive demand, and expand your customer relationships.

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