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Measure Marketing’s Impact

Track Customers and Prospects Throughout Their Journey

Common Digital Marketing Reporting and Analytics Obstacles

For most marketers, accurately tracking prospects, measuring campaigns, and attributing revenue is a challenge. Data often lives in multiple locations and is managed through disconnected technology, so consolidating that information and actually making sense of it can take a lot of work. Worse yet, manually gathering and reporting on this data often results in errors and false conclusions — which can lead to faulty assumptions about your entire strategy.

How Does Accurate Tracking and Reporting Improve My Digital Marketing Strategy?

Detailed Customer Journey InsightsImproved Audience SegmentationMore Personalized Content

Hot Lead IdentificationAttributable Campaign ROI

With Act-On’s digital marketing reporting features and analytics tools, you can automate and consolidate all of your data collection and reporting so you can be confident that you’re working with accurate data and attributing progress to the right campaigns and channels.

39% of marketing influencers

say that applications used for marketing data, dashboards
and analytics are the most difficult types of MarTech


Your Data, Your Way

Act-On provides a variety of reporting and analytics features and integrates with leading business tools to help you measure your efforts, optimize your campaigns, and achieve real results. Whether you’re a do-it-all marketer who loves pre-configured templates and dashboards or a data-hungry marketer who likes to slice and dice your data in a BI tool, we’ve got you covered.


Revenue Impact and Attribution

Prove your marketing impact by aligning your campaigns with leads generated, pipeline created, and revenue earned — and trace that revenue to specific assets using first- and multi-touch attribution models.


Data Studio

With powerful filtering and aggregation controls, your next “EUREKA!” moment is just a few clicks away. Data Studio allows you to export data to preferred business tools for quick and easy access to meaningful, actionable data.


Real-Time Marketing Funnel Insights

Gain complete visibility into your lead-to-revenue process — including potential revenue, achieved revenue, and existing bottlenecks.


Engagement Insights

Drive action with easy to use reporting. Share real-time data-driven insights with anyone in your organization to get a clear and shared understanding of how your audience is engaging with your brand.


Act-On and Google Ads Integration

Going back and forth between platforms can be a real pain and lead to human error. Act-On’s easy-to-implement integration with Google Ads lets you track campaign performance from start to finish.


Sounds pretty great, right?

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