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Simplicity vs. Complexity

Here are some perspectives on the criticality of power combined with simplicity, a key tenet of Act-On’s approach.

Key Areas Where Act-On Outperformed Marketo

According to G2Crowd Act-On beats Marketo


Better or equal to Marketo on every non-product element, such as:

Ease of use

Ease of set up

Ease of admin

Quality of support

Ease of doing business with

Better or equal to Marketo on 80%+ of the other 42 product elements rated, such as:


Mobile optimization

Search tracking and optimization

Online behavior tracking

Analytics - including ROI, web and revenue analytics



Just some of the companies who chose Act-On over Marketo

Avery Dennison
Six Flags
Financial Business Group Holdings
National American University
Banc of California


ROI within 1.2 months

2017 ROI Awards winner

Bisco Industries chose Act-On over Marketo and saw a 1283% increase in ROI within 1.2 months

Download the report and see why Bisco is one of Nucleus Research’s 2017 ROI Awards winners.

Key Considerations

Is it an easy to use platform?
Act-On check mark
Marketo Marketo = hard (requires expert)
Can the platform scale?
Act-On check mark
Marketo Many large clients but re-architecting the platform
Considered an industry leader
Act-On check mark
Marketo check mark
Is pricing based on the value you’re receiving?
Act-On check mark
Marketo All contacts (unengaged + engaged)
Company strategy set and ability to execute on that strategy?
Act-On check mark
Marketo 5 new C-level execs since Oct. ‘16, new enterprise selling focus
Are advanced social marketing and reporting features available?
Act-On check mark
Marketo x mark
Native CRM integrations with major CRM players - Salesforce, Dynamics, Sugar, Netsuite?
Act-On check mark
Marketo Salesforce and Dynamics only
Does it provide key marketing analytics and easily connect with my BI/reporting tools?
Act-On check mark
Marketo No ability to pull data into BI/reporting tools

So, Why Act-On?

Email Magician

Act-On is Powerful, Yet Intuitive

With Act-On, anybody in Marketing can execute stunning campaigns that yield best-in-class results. From straight-forward drag and drop editors to a catalog of email, landing page and automated program templates that all support responsive design, Act-On eliminates the complexity that customers all agree exist with Marketo’s platform.

MIKE RETHAGE (prior Marketo user)
VP of Customer Success

“Setting up and training with Act-On was simple. Everything is streamlined and the interface is incredibly intuitive.”



Act-On’s Ability Scale

Act-On has over 100 customers with contact databases of over a million contacts and over 700 customers who partner with Act-On for over a million contact engagements per year.  In addition, and unlike Marketo who is currently re-architecting, we were built from the start on the most modern cloud architecture.  That’s a big deal, especially when it comes to leveraging machine learning.

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“Although their (Marketo’s) range of core features are okay, most of them are overly complicated, confusing, and at times outright baffling. It actually seemed to be a considered commercial strategy of Marketo to over complicate their product so they can take your money in support and training charges.”

– G2 Crowd review – Marketing agency user

price tag icon

Act-On’s Value-Based Pricing and Total Cost of Ownership

While Marketo charges you for every contact in your database, Act-On is different. Our price is focused on when we drive value for you, which is when you engage with contacts. Why pay for contacts that you aren’t interacting with? In addition, with Act-On it’s not necessary to invest in a certified expert like it is with Marketo.


The Reviews Speak for Themselves!

See how users on G2 Crowd rate Act-On compared to Marketo.

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Act-On’s Unique Product Vision and the ability to execute on that vision

Act-On’s Adaptive Journeys vision provides an added layer of intelligence for marketers, allowing them to predict, adapt, and respond to the way each customer wants to be engaged so that you can deliver more precise, more personalized engagement paths for your buyers and customers.

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Since Oct. ‘16 Marketo has had a new CEO, COO, CFO, Chief Sales Officer, and Chief Product Officer. Will they have the belief in, and ultimately fund, the same vision their predecessor’s had? Probably not. Act-On has had one exec addition in this time, and we remain focused on executing our vision.

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Want a demo? With Act-On, it’s no problem

You’re making a major decision on your marketing engine. It’s a BIG deal, and we get it. Take a tour of Act-On to get an overview of our platform.

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John Poucher

Marketing Manager at Abram Interstate Insurance Services Inc.

“Act-On has greatly improved our ability to more effectively connect with our customers. The platform is easy to use, and the company has excellent customer service.”

Are you considering the switch from Marketo to Act-On?

Making the move to a new marketing automation system doesn’t have to be a pain. Act-On has all the resources and support you need to launch your programs, train your team, and power up your automation game.

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