Marketing Automation

Transform Your Marketing from Manual to Modern

The right marketing automation solution helps you focus on your customers, understand which marketing programs are working (or not), and accelerate buyers through your sales funnel. With far less effort and at much lower costs.

Act-On is that solution.


Technology for modern marketing

In a short decade, the world of marketing has changed drastically. Increased access to information empowers buyers to proactively uncover content and products, search online, seek social referrals, read reviews, and dig into expert reports before ever talking to you.

The result: You need new tools and technologies to get in front of prospects early, establish expertise, and deliver personalized content that will make you stand out. Enter marketing automation.

Track and respond to digital body language

A marketing automation platform lets you track how a potential buyer interacts with your brand (e.g., email clicks, website visits, content downloads, and more). These digital clues give you unparalleled insight into your prospect’s readiness to buy, and allow you to deliver timely marketing messages that accelerate a buyer’s decision-making process.

Build stronger relationships with your audience

The best marketing makes every prospect, lead, and customer feel noticed. Marketing automation gives you data to make each communication personal and deployment tools to reach prospects in every major channel. Interact with potential buyers and current customers in meaningful ways, respond to them personally, and deliver the value they want – when they want it.

Accelerate your sales funnel

When you can track engagement and behavior through the pre- and post-buying process, you’re empowered to deploy highly relevant campaigns that will build trust and reduce sales resistance. Marketing automation’s comprehensive capabilities allow marketing and sales teams to convert leads faster and at higher rates.

Tackle every marketing channel with ease

Today’s markets are fluid and fragmented, and you need flexible and simple tools to create efficient marketing programs. From search and social marketing to email marketing to lead nurturing and qualification, you can do more – without increasing resources – with the power of automation to scale your efforts.

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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a technology platform that helps organizations manage marketing efforts across multiple digital channels, automate manual processes, and track results. Marketing automation is not a commodity; every vendor’s platform is different, driven by that vendor’s vision and experience.

Marketers cite the #1 benefit of marketing automation as the ability to generate more and better leads.

Pepper Global

Business benefits of marketing automation

Companies that have adopted marketing automation out-perform those that haven’t.

Why are top-performing businesses winning with marketing automation? In a nutshell:  higher conversion rates and better data. Marketing automation provides a digital infrastructure to manage, measure, and optimize your sales and marketing funnel. You can get in front of prospects earlier and stay engaged with modern buyers who are hyper-connected, empowered, and impatient.



Align marketing and sales teams

Real-time buyer intelligence means marketing qualifies more sales-ready leads, and sales has warmer conversations with prospective buyers. Mutual decisions help calibrate and harmonize marketing and sales efforts, which increases interdepartmental trust. It’s a beautiful thing.

Prove your team’s value with data

With marketing automation, you’re able to see precisely which channels and campaigns are converting, and understand ROI at every stage of the funnel. The technology can track each prospect’s unique activity and give sales qualified leads, and the intelligence to close them, at just the right time.  Last, but by no means least, marketing automation gives you the data that ties your team’s efforts directly to revenue.

Scale seamlessly

No matter how your business grows, the integrated single-platform design of a marketing automation solution enables you to manage your contacts, leads, campaigns, data, and analytics at scale, easily. Automated workflows and nurturing programs are size-agnostic, so they can handle thousands or millions of contacts at once.

Consolidate your technology stack

Marketing automation consolidates popular marketing technologies including email, social publishing, landing page creation, analytics tools, and much more. Say goodbye to a dozen different log-ins and disparate reporting systems. Marketing automation consolidates all the essentials and integrates with other key systems.

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Marketing Automation Features and Tools

Transform how you engage with prospects and buyers.

Email marketing

This quintessential outbound approach is a powerhouse for business. With an ROI of 4300%, email beats all other forms of digital marketing. Act-On’s simplicity and power make it easy to create, personalize, test, deploy, and measure your email campaigns. You’ll send your first campaign in hours or days – not weeks or months.

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Search marketing

More than 80% of buyers use a search engine to begin the hunt when they become interested in a purchase. Act-On’s Inbound suite gives you the tools to get found and get known by your prospective buyers who are – right now – looking for the products and services you offer.

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Social media marketing

Your current and prospective customers spend a lot of time on social media. Educate them, inform them, and engage them. Act-On’s social media tools help you establish presence and offer value everywhere your prospects are. Share your messages, connect your channels, discover new audiences, generate leads, and increase sales.

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Landing pages & forms

Deliver targeted information and offers to your prospects, and move them down the conversion funnel. Act-On’s intuitive tools let you create responsive landing pages and forms like the pros – without needing specialized training.


Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of sending steady, progressive communications to “nurture” your leads from new and curious, to ready to buy. Your strategy makes it smart; marketing automation makes it easy, consistent, and effective. Set your Act-On platform to deliver the right information to each prospect at the right stage of the funnel, and exit the lead automatically when they signal they’re ready to buy. Act-On makes it easy to replicate your most successful programs in automated, tailored nurturing campaigns.

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Lead scoring

Scoring is a tried-and-true method for qualifying leads based on who they are and how they engage with your brand. Done well, lead scoring dramatically increases marketing’s ability to pass qualified leads to sales, which ultimately means more closed deals and more revenue. In just a few clicks, Act-On lets you assign scores based on pre-determined buying signals, so quality leads can quickly be passed to sales.

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Automated programs

Automated programs do the heavy lifting by allowing you to set up effective, tailored, and targeted campaigns that run on autopilot. The time and money savings are enormous. And with Act-On, you can hone your automated programs with “if-then” conditional logic, and enjoy the full complement of tactics, including drip marketing, trigger emails, dynamic content, and even automatic hand-off to sales. The possibilities – and the rewards – truly are endless.

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Website visitor tracking

What do your leads and customers do on your website? When you know that, you’re on your way to knowing whether they’re ready to buy, just looking, or somewhere in between. You can even set alerts that notify you when a specific person visits a specific page. Website visitor tracking also helps you identify the 97% of your visitors who remain anonymous. Act-On helps you uncover their company and shows you what they’re viewing. Add in Act-On’s easy integration with data sources – your CRM, email, social, and standard analytics – and you’ll blow the doors off your lead-view and opportunities.

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A/B testing

Imagine knowing what resonates with your target audience before you launch a full-scale campaign. That’s the power of A/B testing. Act-On’s flexible testing tools make campaign optimization a snap, so you can ensure your emails, landing pages, and forms are optimized for conversion before you launch … and have concrete data to support your decision.

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Reports & analytics

You need a clear, quick understanding of campaign performance in order to optimize the customer experience and grow revenue. Act-On delivers. Combining front-end simplicity with back-end power, Act-On’s analytics suite measures your results in real-time, provides immediate insight into performance and impact, and helps you directly tie your efforts to revenue.

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Integrate with the tools you already use … and many more

Integrate your CRM

Act-On’s native integration with major CRM systems means your marketing and sales processes are better aligned and measurable at every step – from initial lead to closed (and repeat) sales.

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Integrate your web events platform

Online events are powerful ways to showcase your expertise, engage your audience, and generate quality leads. They also take a lot of time to plan and execute. Act-On’s native integration with both WebEx and GoToWebinar vastly reduces the time it takes to organize, promote, and manage your web events, makes the registration process and follow-up easier, and increases the quality of your results.

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Integrate everything else!

Act-On’s extensive and growing list of partners means you can tailor the Act-On platform to fit your needs. Whether it’s a service, application, or agency, Act-On integrations, collaborations, and partnerships are there for you, helping you maximize your marketing investment.

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