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List Hygiene

Keep Your Lists (and Reputation) Healthy

Act-On’s email marketing solution allows you to send emails, manage your subscribers, and track campaign performance. Ensuring high deliverability and maintaining a great sending reputation are keys to successful marketing. Keeping your email marketing list healthy – proactively managing your subscriber information, bounce data, and unsubscribes – is critical protecting your reputation and ensuring deliverability of your messages.

We strongly encourage you to consider Act-On’s List Hygiene services as part of your marketing strategy, especially before you begin sending email to a new list.

Why is list hygiene important?

When a marketer sends a campaign to an old, stale, or unverified list, that list may produce high spam complaints, undeliverable mail (bounces), or unsubscribes. These metrics generate reporting red flags in Act-On’s system, and may lead to account warnings or suspension due to the severe nature of the problems these issues can cause.

To minimize possible list-related hygiene issues and pitfalls, we strongly encourage you to consider proactively scrubbing your data prior to importing it into Act-On.

Conducting a list hygiene exercise does not guarantee deliverability, but it can help identify known bad records that must be eliminated from your house file prior to sending. Cleaning the list is the first, crucial step to increasing the odds that your email marketing messages will be delivered successfully.s fully valid and deliverable.

Email verification is the other important step in the hygiene process and involves determining whether or not a list of email addresses i

If you have lists that need to be validated or cleaned prior to importing to Act-On, we recommend that you consider List Hygiene services.  We’ve partnered with NeverBounce to offer both email verification and cleaning services that ensure your email marketing lists are healthy and delivering optimum results.  This seamless integration uses 20+ proprietary cleaning processes to check each email address up to 75 times around the globe to authenticate, determine address validity, and detect spam traps.

This partnership allows for real-time verification, quality assurance and up to 95% email bounce removal.

To learn more about the NeverBounce partnership, visit our Partner page. Our List Hygiene pricing can be viewed here.