Company Overview

Wistia is a video marketing application that helps businesses get more from online video. Wistia makes it easy to manage, share, and track video.

Video hosting, analytics, and business-oriented tools.

Wistia is a video hosting company for businesses. With detailed analytics, including engagement graphs and individual viewer heatmaps, the Wistia application can help you measure and improve your video efforts. Wistia also allows you to fully customize your video player, so you can control how it looks, feels, and functions on your website. Lastly, Wistia provides you with pre- and post-roll calls-to-action, video SEO tools, closed captioning, social sharing options, and other features that will drive traffic to your business’s website.

Now fully integrated with Act-On, Wistia can help your company reach its marketing goals!

Act-On Integration

Turnstile is a great way to identify high-quality leads using video. Connect your Act-On account to Wistia, then add an email capture gate to any point in your video. You can set up a Turnstile-enabled embed to collect email addresses, and pass them directly into a specific group in your Act-On account.


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