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Company Overview

Translation Exchange is the revolutionary online localization platform for websites, apps and global communications. Expand your reach to new audiences worldwide, open new markets and get closer to your customers – wherever they live.

Translation Exchange Localization Integration for Act-On

By utilizing Translation Exchange’s integration, Act-On customers are able to streamline their localization process and cut down drastically on the time and costs associated with deploying multilingual email marketing campaigns, ensuring the highest level of quality localization available for any use case.


Translation Exchange provides a broad range of integration APIs and SDKs that can link directly into virtually any content hub or technology stack, and facilitate, increase the speed, and reduce the costs of deploying multilingual content of any variety, from emails to websites to mobile apps, legal, HR and training documents, marketing collateral and everything in between, built with developers and marketers in mind. Utilizing both machine translation as well as a vast network of thousands of professional human translators within our vendor marketplace, use of the Translation Exchange integration and platform ensures the highest level of quality localization.

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