Company Overview

SproutVideo provides video hosting services for business. Our features include powerful video marketing, security, and analytical tools to help you succeed with online video.

We offer lead capture tools, video engagement heatmaps, customizable post-play screens, video SEO tools, video websites and landing pages, and a player you can tweak to your heart’s content. With support for Ultra-HD 4K and 8K formats and variable playback speeds, your videos will shine in beautiful high definition.

Act-On Integration

Why Integrate Act-On with your solution: With SproutVideo’s easy lead capture tools, you can send leads straight to your Act-On account. Accelerate your list growth with our powerful video marketing tools, and send targeted messages based on your contacts’ viewing activity.

SproutVideo makes it easy to capture leads using your premium video content. After you set up a video for email capture, you can share it using the video landing pages or video embed codes we provide. Any interested viewers will be prompted to enter their email address prior to being able to watch your video. We will not only track that viewer by their email address in our video engagement heatmap reporting, we will also send it straight to a SproutVideo list in Act-On. We’ll also send the title of the video they watched so you can design targeted messaging based on their viewing activity.

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