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Company Overview

Act-On customers are now able to order optimized video ads and branded video content, shot anywhere in North America and delivered and 14 days, right from their Act-On dashboard. Using SoMedia Video Ads, you easily add videos to campaigns and use real-time analytics to enhance demand generation efforts.

SoMedia Video Ads for Act-On

SoMedia Video Ads is the only Act-On Partner Exchange app that enables marketers to order professionally shot and optimized video ads and branded content, shot anywhere in North America and delivered in 14 days or less. You can also track and manage the entire creative process online, easily upload videos to any Act-On landing page or email, and track viewer behavior and video performance through real-time analytics.


Order from a new selection of optimized video ad formats

From scripted voiceover ads to long-form branded video content, choose from a variety of custom video ad styles – each optimized for online viewing and engagement in the first 5 seconds.

Order multi-location, localized videos

Request multiple variations of any video ad, each with its own unique opening and closing graphics and targeted calls-to-action.

Add a video to any landing page, newsletter or email

Simply add a snippet of auto-generated code into your Act-On email or landing page editor and improve the performance of your campaigns. All video stats are pumped back to your Act-On contact’s timeline.

Control your video’s appearance and add calls-to-action

Use SoMedia’s video player’s color customization feature to align to your brand and add calls-to-action to drive lead generation and viewer engagement.

Track video viewer activity and engagement

SoMedia pushes real-time video analytics back into the timeline of your Act-On contacts using Act-On’s custom events, including which lead watched what video and how long they watched for. These stats can then be used for lead nurturing to build even smarter campaigns.

YouTube & Facebook Sync

Want to push your video ads to YouTube or Facebook? SoMedia Video Ads has integrated with both platforms making it easy to deploy any piece of video content to social media quickly and seamlessly.

Act-On Integration

SoMedia Video Ads for Act-On is a complete video production and deployment solution for all your campaign needs. You can easily order and integration video ads into any campaign, and prove ROI with real-time video analytics that funnel back to every lead.


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