Company Overview

SnapApp is an interactive content creation platform that enables marketers to boost results by 2-3x across all their existing marketing programs. Using SnapApp marketers can create, deploy, manage, and measure a wide range of interactive content across multiple channels, with full customization and design control.

Interactive Content Creation Platform

With average click rates of 30% and conversion rates of 45%, interactive content is proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate leads and drive engagement across channels and buying stages.

Using SnapApp, Marketers harness the power of interactive content to create:

  • Interactive videos
  • Assessments
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Interactive white papers
  • ROI Calculators
  • Quizzes
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Product pickers
  • Knowledge tests


  • Broad range of interactive content types: quizzes, surveys, video, calculators, assessments, infographics.
  • Powerful Creation Tools: SnapApp’s drag-and-drop creation tools give you the flexibility to rapidly create amazing content experiences, with full design customization and a digital asset library.
  • Multi-Channel And Social Distribution: Publish content to any channel –
web, email, social, mobile, blog, and landing pages. Integrate with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ to reach a wide audience and grow your lead database.
  • Seamless Integrations with your existing marketing automation, CRM, CMS, and analytics platforms to extend and enhance their value so you get the most out of your investments.

Act-On Integration

SnapApp’s Act-On integration enables marketers to deliver leads from their interactive content directly to Act-On in real-time for lead routing, scoring, and nurturing.

Integration Details

  • Realtime Performance: Leads are collected from SnapApp interactive content and delivered to Act-On in realtime.
  • Simple Setup: HTTP POST integration can be configured to any Act-On form in 20 minutes or less.
  • Rich Data: In addition to contact information, enhance prospect profiles by collecting response data with surveys, assessments, ROI calculators and more.


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