Company Overview

Siftrock is a reply mail intelligence platform for email marketers. We mine the valuable data from automated and human replies to your email marketing campaigns.

Replies to your email marketing campaigns are an untapped resource with tremendous value. Siftrock mines the data, providing ROI in a variety of ways. We become a new lead channel, driving new leads into your nurturing programs automatically with every email you send. We provide real-time alerts and flexible routing when a human responds, capturing the most important moments and notifying members of your team who can take immediate action. We keep your lists clean by detecting a variety of scenarios such as someone leaving their job. This causes a natural lift in your email marketing metrics. After initial setup Siftrock fades into the background and delivers continuous value automatically. Little to no oversight is required once you’ve got us up and running. We don’t want to add yet another tool for you to manage – one of our primary product values is to reduce your work, not add to it. We offer a fully featured no-risk trial and can scale to serve customers of all sizes.


    • Extract the most important details from both automated and human replies to your email marketing campaigns
    • Enhance your account-based marketing efforts by learning more about the organization you are marketing to
    • Impress your prospects with your superhuman ability to respond to their questions and comments in minutes or even seconds
    • Reduce churn by using Siftrock for your customer marketing and communication
    • Stop torturing someone on your team with the terrible job of reading thousands of replies and let Siftrock automate everything!
    • Eliminate contacts who have left the company, are bouncing, or have changed email addresses. The average Siftrock customer

reduces their existing list size by 10% in the first month while adding better, updated contacts for their target customer list.

Act-On Integration

We seamlessly integrate with your Act-On account, synchronizing new contacts with lists you specify in our simple but powerful workflows. Leverage custom fields to take further action on new or existing contacts. Think of Siftrock as another lead channel and source of data for your lists. We provide the data, use Act-On to decide what to do with it.


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