Company Overview

For over 36 years Relevate has provided some of the world’s most prominent brands with highly robust data solutions and data-management services. Equipped with a world-class team of consumer and business data experts, we don’t just collect data, we analyze and interpret data to give you the most powerful and comprehensive data solutions in the data industry.

RelevateNOW (real-time data enhancement api)

RelevateNOW provides enterprise-class web services access to allow companies to access various data services through an API. Our service provides SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantees on uptime and performance and provides deep access to comprehensive databases to assist companies with Compliance, Customer Identification, Data Verification and Data Enhancement. Setup is quick, easy and free. No long-term contracts are required. We have a number of solutions in place or we can customize a solution to fit your specific needs.


  • Correct data as it is being captured
  • Prevent fraudulent data entry
  • Save time and money by ensuring accurate phone numbers for call centers or sales teams
  • Save postage and printing costs on direct mail
  • Avoid fines and consumer bad will for telemarketing without permission
  • Ensure the email address you collect is valid
  • Create and deliver targeted messages based on the profile of the prospect

Act-On Integration

Two types of real-time applications: SOAP with an XML request that is embedded in client application software to communicate with servers in real-time. REST: simple as it uses HTTP and allows for better performance and scalability. Relevate has a number of services available through Real-Time including:

  • Addressmatch
  • Reversematch
  • Demographic Append
  • Zip4 Analytics
  • Address Verify
  • Area Code Verification
  • Consumer Email Reversematch
  • Email Append / Verification
  • IP Address Zip Match
  • Email Validation


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